TechnoBreeze ®
Serving the internet community since 1998.
The following software are creations of Ben DruShell for use on websites, mobile devices, media devices (desktop/laptop computers, workstations, tablets, TV's, projectors, kiosks, etc), and servers. Many international organizations have used the softwares over the years, including universities and divisions of the United States of America federal government.
Are you a non-profit organization looking for an updated software version of:
TechnoBreeze ® MorseCode: learning tool and game for Morse Code.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for SEO: program for learning how to SEO (search engine optimize) a website.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for Web Graphics: program for learning how to create web graphics.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for program for learning
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for Bash: program for learning Bash.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for C++ CGI: program for learning C++ CGI.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for COBOL: program for learning COBOL.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for ECMAScript: program for learning ECMAScript related languages, like JavaScript.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for Java: program for learning Java.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for Jython: program for learning Jython.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for Pascal: program for learning Pascal.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for Perl CGI: program for learning Perl CGI.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for PHP: program for learning PHP.
TechnoBreeze ® Tutorial for Python: program for learning Python.
plus many more old, refurbished, and new TechnoBreeze ® softwares are not yet listed.
TechnoBreeze ® Framework: server framework for developing software.
TechnoBreeze ® Templates: server tools for parsing and executing templates.
TechnoBreeze ® Restful: server tools for converting objects into cross-platform restful protocol services.
TechnoBreeze ® Storage: software collection of simple storage tools.
TechnoBreeze ® Double Verified OptIn: server tools for human verification, data verification, and verifying legitimate signup requests.
TechnoBreeze ® Batch Processing Scheduler: server tools for scheduling and running HUGE batches of commands, reports, templates, etc.
TechnoBreeze ® Sound.lib: library for creating, manipulating, and testing sounds.
TechnoBreeze ® Image.lib: library for creating, manipulating, and testing images.
TechnoBreeze ® Document.lib: library for creating, manipulating, and testing documents.
TechnoBreeze ® Firewall and Intrusion Detection: limited server security tools for monitoring a server of possible/suspect criminal intrusion attempts and then blocking server access.
TechnoBreeze ® ServerReports: server and website program for formatted display of accesses to a website and/or server.
TechnoBreeze ® CiaoSQL: server PHP objects for handling database connections in a consistent means.
TechnoBreeze ® Valtas.class: server PHP customizer object for a custom scripts directory to replace the default script.
TechnoBreeze ® Hirnok.class: server PHP html+attachments/email wrapper object using mail function.
TechnoBreeze ® Tortenelem.class: server PHP objects for storing and handling all past database record content history as cross-platform JSON or XML.
TechnoBreeze ® /Ben/Scripts/: assorted small browser-scripts (including spreadsheet, wordprocessing, graphic color-picker, date-picker, etc) useful for websites or apps.
plus many more old, refurbished, and new TechnoBreeze ® softwares are not yet listed.
TechnoBreeze ® Commerce: commerce and business management software.
TechnoBreeze ® Donate: donation commerce and management software.
TechnoBreeze ® ELM: multi-verified opt-in/opt-out mass email list manager.
TechnoBreeze ® Form2Email: server and website form data collection to file or email.
TechnoBreeze ® Chat: server program that enables people to chat with each other while accessing website or app.
TechnoBreeze ® Forum: server and website forum program.
TechnoBreeze ® Blog: server and website blogging program.
TechnoBreeze ® Journal: a simple cross-platform journalling program.
TechnoBreeze ® EasyCatalog: server and website program for managing a catalog.
TechnoBreeze ® ArtStudio: commerce and management software for art studio.
TechnoBreeze ® Library: a catalog system for books and media.
TechnoBreeze ® Entertainment and Recreation: commerce and management software for entertainment and recreation.
TechnoBreeze ® Travel: commerce and management software for travel.
TechnoBreeze ® ResourceManager: software to help track and manage resource usage and availability.
TechnoBreeze ® InventoryControl: software to help track and manage inventory usage and availability.
TechnoBreeze ® HostRating: server and website program for rating host providers.
TechnoBreeze ® HolaDX: server and website program for managing CB and Ham Radio communications and contacts.
TechnoBreeze ® Tiny URL Tools For Better Brevity: server tools that manage and redirect website viewers from a shortened url to full length url for properly accessing content.
plus many more old, refurbished, and new TechnoBreeze ® softwares are not yet listed.
If the license is fulfilled, the listed software is affordable.   Software customization, installation, and maintenance services cost extra fees.
If you are a qualifying non-profit organization, I will consider your request. In your request, include the following information: